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Rebuilding SU Carburetors

I don't have a whole lot on this topic, but had a few notes to share...

Yeah... that's what it looked like during the rebuild.  NOT for the fainthearted :)  But if you're patient, and keep yourself organized, it's really pretty simple and straightforward.  Here's a few things I learned...

  • The instructions that come with the rebuild kit are pretty good.  I didn't have any issues with them, and found them easy to follow.  FYI... I bought my rebuild kit from Moss Motors, Part No. 375-598.

  • I didn't need any of those special carb tools they sell... like the toolkit, or that special little wrench they sell.  Bought it, but didn't need any of it.  Maybe they just weren't necessary for my carbs... not sure.  I should have waited until the need arose (or didn't) and saved the money!

  • I found the SU Rebuild DVD extremely helpful!!  Both while doing the rebuild as well as the setup once back on the car.  It wasn't helpful in the sense of following it step by step, but more like... I'd get stuck on something during the build process, and would be unsure the correct way to proceed... so I'd watch the video to learn the answer.  I ended up just playing the DVD over and over while I was doing the rebuild... sort of as background noise... paying attention when it got to parts that sounded interesting to me. FYI, the video I'm talking about here is Part No. 211-036 from Moss.

  • Setup once back on the car was the hardest part by far.  I found the original HD Tuning Service Sheet - AUC 9622B - to be very helpful.  I found a PDF of it online, but honestly can't remember where I got it... so I'm including a link to it here for those who might find it as useful as I did.

  • I bought a Gunsen Carbalancer to get the carbs synchronized.  What a cheap piece of crap!!  I can't believe I spent money on this thing.  It was marginally helpful, but I really didn't trust what it was telling me, because the flowmeter part of the device was so cheap.  To "finalize" my synchronization, I ended up just doing the old school method shown in the AUC 9622B document.

If anyone has any questions about any of this, feel free to send me an email!


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