On a beautiful Sunday morning, I finally got the chance to really put our my Olympus C2100UZ camera to the test... to see what this bad boy will do, and how well the 10X optical image-stabilized zoom really works.  I spent somewhere around 5 hours wandering around the zoo... it's such a beautiful zoo with lots to see.

So, how did the camera do?  Well, why don't ya just check out the pictures and see for yourself (it was incredible! :).  These pictures have all be scaled down to make them more "web friendly" - the original sizes of these images, as they came off the camera, were large enough and clear enough that we could make poster sized prints out of any of them.

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P4010953.jpg (73775 bytes)

"uuuugh... why did I party so hard last night..."

P4010958.jpg (71277 bytes)

Is it my imagination, or is he rehearsing for a play?

P4010980.jpg (72550 bytes)

This mandrill was quite a distance away, and we still got a great picture.

P4010983.jpg (71366 bytes)

A rhino makes his rounds.

P4010987.jpg (91575 bytes)

What a hard life they have! :)

P4010995.jpg (90964 bytes)

I think this picture speaks for itself :)

P4011004.jpg (95682 bytes)

We couldn't pass up the traditional zebra picture.

P4011009.jpg (69014 bytes)

Ummm... uhhhh... well... :)

P4010974.jpg (80593 bytes)

This is a fascinating picture if you notice what he's doing - he's washing his food in the stream before he eats it.

P4011018.jpg (59506 bytes)

Some relaxing hippos.

P4011026.jpg (85430 bytes)

Awwwww :)

P4011031.jpg (77541 bytes)

A good image showing off the beautiful pictures our camera is capable of.

P4011034.jpg (59317 bytes)

A sleepy white tiger.

P4011037.jpg (73706 bytes)

This playful tiger was tossing around that big log like it was a little chew toy :)

P4011041.jpg (70484 bytes)

Couldn't get the one tiger to stop chewing on the log, but they both had their eyes on me in this photo.

P4011042.jpg (53903 bytes)

Pretty bear pic.

P4011044.jpg (66366 bytes)

"...no pictures, please..."

P4011047.jpg (72054 bytes)

I think someone is sticking their tongue out at me.

P4011050.jpg (82821 bytes)

Just hangin out.

P4011059.jpg (87595 bytes)

This Barbary Sheep was waaay up on the side of the hill, but a little extra zooming brought him into perfect focus.

P4011143.jpg (67464 bytes)

The big tortoise gets a shower from a zoo keeper... and happily lifts his leg so she can spray underneath :)

P4011056.jpg (85712 bytes)

We were able to get some great close-ups with this camera - here the tortoise chomps a mouthful of grass.

P4011076.jpg (69008 bytes)

Put a TV and beer in front of him and he looks like he'd be right at home :)

P4011077.jpg (85394 bytes)


P4011079.jpg (63955 bytes)

This Komodo dragon couldn't have given us a better pose.

P4011081.jpg (70194 bytes)

An interesting gator.

P4011084.jpg (61938 bytes)

Another really nice close-up shot... this time of a skink.

P4011092.jpg (72201 bytes)

Looks like he's stalking his next meal... us?? :)

P4011094.jpg (44769 bytes)

An extreme close-up of a cute little turtle :)

P4011100.jpg (67248 bytes)

Even through the thick glass and water, we were still able to get a good picture of this Red-Tailed Catfish.

P4011105.jpg (62299 bytes)

Another turtle strikes a pose for us... well, actually, he struck that pose for several hours... doubtful it was just for us :)

P4011117.jpg (58830 bytes)

This penguin just couldn't seem to get enough of the people checking him out... he kept diving over and over to get a closer look.

P4011123.jpg (44659 bytes)

Here's another penguin coming up to the glass for a close-up.

P4011129.jpg (56330 bytes)

The playful baby "Bluebonnet" and her friend.

P4011134.jpg (52182 bytes)

This tiger was probably 50 yards away... man I love this camera :)

P4011061.jpg (93022 bytes)

These alligators have had a rough day :)

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